PhD Programme in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University (UK)

A Doctor of philosophy is one of the highest academic degrees. The main objective of doing a PhD is to become a competent academic, researcher or practitioner in one’s own chosen field. While Leeds Beckett University pursues world-class research, at Rushmore Business School, we provide professional and self-motivated individuals with the skills to explore their chosen subject to its limits. Pursuing a Leeds Beckett University PhD involves three years of research supported by subject-specific skills training.

Features of the Programme

This programme has been designed to meet the following aims:

  1. Three years starting March 2019.
  2. Supervision by respective school from Leeds Beckett University.
  3. Additional local supervision, administrative and logistics support from Rushmore Business School.
  4. Access to University online resources through VLE, online research training, academic databases, etc.
  5. PhD awarded by Leeds Beckett University.


PhD Programme

The proposed programme has a distinct feature of research with supervision provided by Leeds Beckett University staff with additional support from local supervisors in Mauritius. Doctoral students will need to spend at least 8 weeks in Leeds (UK) and attend workshops and meet their supervisors.This should promote the successful completion of the programme as it is an effective indicator of successful completion within a time frame of 3 years.



All applicants will be subject to the University’s standard entry criteria for the award of PhD. Entry requirements are normally an appropriate master’s degree from the UK or one that is recognised by the University as equivalent.

Applicants with non-standard qualifications will be judged on their merits.



All candidates admitted under the proposed arrangement will attend a compulsory induction session at Rushmore Business School and are welcome to attend the Leeds Beckett induction in the UK.



Awarding Body: Leeds Beckett University (UK)

Abbreviated Title: PHD

Duration of Study: 3 Years

Study Mode: Part Time


PhD Application Form