Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business


The Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business gives students an introduction to and understanding of the business environment, management of resources, marketing and communication – all fundamental to the success of business organisations. It gives students the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to prepare for employment. The programme provides career development opportunities and progression opportunities to higher education, degree and professional development programmes within the same or related areas of study. Furthermore, this qualification provides opportunities for learners to develop their communication skills as they progress through the course.

Aims of the Course:
On successful completion of the course, students should be able to:
| Show depth of knowledge and development of understanding in familiar and unfamiliar situations (for example explain why, makes judgements based on analysis).
| Evaluate complex concepts/ideas/ actions and makes reasoned and confident judgements.
| Use analysis, research and evaluation to make recommendations and influence proposals.
| Deploy appropriate advanced techniques/processes/skills and demonstrate creativity/originality/own ideas.
| Make judgements about risks and limitations of techniques/processes.
| Innovates or generates new techniques/processes for new situations.
| Analyse and manipulate information to draw conclusions and apply initiative appropriately.
| Operate ethically in work-related environments, take decisions related to and apply divergent and lateral thinking in work-related contexts.
| Communicates effectively using appropriate behavioural and language registers.
| Shows innovative approaches to dealing with individuals and groups.
| Makes adjustments to meet the needs/expectations of others (negotiation skills) and generates new or alternative solutions to specified problems.
| Explore entrepreneurial attributes.

1 Research and Plan a Marketing Campaign
2 Managing an Event
3 International Business
4 Business Decision Making
5 Human Resources
6 Exploring Business
7 Business Finance
8 Principles of Management
9 Team Building in Business

Entry Requirements
| SC/GCE ‘O’ Level with English or any equivalent Qualification.

Awarding Body
Pearson (UK)

1 year

Study Mode
Full Time / Part Time


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