Msc International Tourism



The MSc International Tourism and Hospitality Management is a postgraduate programme designed to enhance the ability of students to function effectively at a strategic level within public and private sectors of the international tourism and hospitality industries. Throughout the course students will be able to focus their learning in an appropriate way to facilitate their future career development. Students will also be able to develop transferable personal skills and employability skills appropriate for middle and high level management careers in tourism and hospitality management.


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, it is expected that graduates will:

  1. Students will be able to develop critical awareness of current issues in the tourism and hospitality industries which is informed by research and practice in the field
  2. Evaluate the impact of internationalization and globalization on international tourism and hospitality organizations
  3. Acquire and analyse data and information to evaluate their relevance and validity, and to synthesize a range of information in the context of new situations.
  4. Apply relevant knowledge to a range of complex situations taking account of its relationship and interaction with other areas of the external environment.

Course Structure

1 Hospitality: Past, Present and Future
2 Strategic Marketing
3 Strategic Management
4 Human Resource Management
5 Tourism Destination Management
6 Masters Research Methods
7 Masters Research Project

Entrance Requirements

  1. A degree in tourism / hospitality or equivalent


Awarding Institution

Leeds Beckett University (UK)



1.5 Years Full Time / 2 Years Part Time