MBA Executive



The MBA Executive is designed for aspiring managers and business leaders who want to lead departments and businesses with knowledge of a varied level of subject areas and cultural contexts.

The MBA Executive is designed to draw upon the skills of the candidate and in recognition of the applied nature of the award, the programme will emphasize an integrated and practical (professional) orientation over a theoretical approach. Teaching will evolve with the changing needs of a competitive world environment and will be based on high quality research.

Learning Outcomes

Possess the ability to apply and transfer theoretical underpinning & contemporary management techniques within complex global organisational context.

Be able to demonstrate capability to enhance organisational performance by employing strategic frameworks in multicultural settings.

Be capable of employing critical thinking to evaluate organisations and communicate decisions by working in groups as well as with clients.

Demonstrate transferable personal and interpersonal skills required for successful leadership and achievement for managers and entrepreneurs in contemporary organisations.

Be capable of applying practical skills and techniques of undertaking management research and applying theoretical knowledge to strategic issues in a real business context.


Applicants with a Level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership awarded from BTEC Pearson(UK) will obtain Advanced Entry into the second year of the MBA Executive and will have to complete the following modules:

Course Structure

1 Entrepreneurship
2 Cross-Cultural HRM
3 MBA Consultancy Project

After the completion of all the modules, students will be awarded an MBA Executive from Leeds Beckett University(UK).

Entrance Requirements

| Applicants must hold a Post Graduate Diploma from BTEC Pearson(UK);
| Any Other Qualifications acceptable by Leeds Beckett University;
| At least two years of working experience.

Study Mode

Part Time


1 Year

Awarding Institution

Leeds Beckett University (UK)