Diploma In Human Resource Management

Our Diploma introduces you to the academic disciplines that underline the effective management of the Human Resource and proceeds to explore the theory, practice and strategy of HRM. It also wishes to enhance the existing skills and knowledge through the application of theory to practice. To enhance your employability,we provide an innovative, academically rigorous and vocationally relevant approach to business and teaching. This Diploma gives you a theoretical understanding of management concepts and an overview of HR. This programme aims to help students to develop a basic understanding of management in the context of Human Resources (HR).

Learning Outcomes


Upon successful completion of this course, it is expected that graduates will:

  1. Use practical, theoretical or technical understanding to address problems that are well-defined but complex and non-routine
  2. Analyse, interpret and evaluate relevant information and ideas
  3. Be aware of the nature and approximate scope of the area of the study
  4. Have an informed awareness of the different per spectives or approaches within the area of study

Course Structure

Part-time or Full time

1 Human Resource Management
2 Organisational Stress Management & Psychology
3 Working with & Leading People
4 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management
5 Organisational Behaviour
6 Business Communication
7 Managing Employee Performance in HR
8 Legal Aspects of Human Resources
9 Human Resource Development
10 People, Resourcing and Talent Planning
11 Managing and Leading Change
12 Research Methods/Project

Entrance Requirements

| A pass in at least 2 A-Levels; or

| A School Certificate with relevant work experience or

| Any other equivalent qualification


| Certificate in Human Resource Management

| Any other equivalent qualification


2 Years Full Time / 3 Years Part Time

Awarding Institution

Rushmore Business School

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