Diploma In Events Management

The Diploma in Events Management programme content has been developed to assist students who are in or planning to enter the Events Management Industry. The course has been designed to provide to students the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in future employment or for progression to an undergraduate degree.

Course Objectives

This programme has been designed to meet the following aims:

  1. Provides the ability to plan and implement all sizes of events
  2. Enables the students to learn about the legal side of events
  3. Enables students in gaining skills to manage volunteers and adhere to all relevant licensing requirements
  4. Enables students to gain skills to produce a wide variety of events, whether for a multi- national company or your own business, and everywhere in between.

Course Structure

1 Creative Events Design
2 Financing of Events & Its Technologies
3 Planning & Management of Events
4 Legal Issues In Events
5 Managing Event Organizations
6 Business Communication
1 Human Resource Management in Events
2 Crowd Management
3 Marketing of Events
4 Managing and financing of projects
5 Corporate Events in the Hospitality Industry
6 Research Project

Entrance Requirements

– SC with working experience

– HSC or equivalent

Awarding Institution

Rushmore Business School


2 years


Study Mode

Part-time/ Full-time