BSc (Hons) Computing

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop fundamental core underpinnings which are then supplemented with more in-depth knowledge and understanding of specialist areas within Computing. The use of a common set of core modules complemented by a number of optional modules as the course progresses supports this approach.


Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, it is expected that graduates will:

| Be digitally literate with a critical understanding of key aspects of computing, including acquisition of coherent and detailed knowledge, at least some of which is at or informed by, the forefront of the discipline.

| Develop an ability to deploy accurately globally established techniques of analysis, design and systems development.

|Develop a wide breadth of understanding that enables students to be enterprising in devising and sustaining arguments and solving problems using innovative ideas and implementation techniques in an inclusive way in a multicultural and globalising world.

| Develop the skills to undertake computing projects to a professional standard by the consistent application and review of development, management and evaluation methods and techniques.

| Develop an ability to independently undertake research and critically evaluate arguments, assumptions, abstract concepts and data (that may be incomplete), to make judgements, and to frame appropriate questions to achieve a solution or identify a range of solutions to a problem.


Course Structure

1 Business Concepts & Information Systems
2 Computing Systems
3 Systems Analysis & Design
4 Developing Computing Professionals
5 Fundamentals of Databases
6 Website Development
7 Business Dynamics
8 Database Systems
9 Web Applications & Technologies
10 Business Analysis
11 Project Management
12 Digital Organisations
13 IT Systems Strategy
14 Business Intelligence
15 Human Computer Interaction
16 Green Computing Technologies
17 Production Project

STUDY MODE: Full time/ Part time
Entry Requirements: HSC or Equivalent
Awarding Institution: Leeds Beckett University (UK)