Moodle Virtual Platform Embracing the Digital Era

Rushmore Business School

Rushmore Business School always wanted to enhance the learning experience, for example, by helping its staff and students to move from print-based learning programs to digital ones.

RBS has already made one giant leap toward this goal by using a cross-platform namely, Moodle learning application hosted in Mauritius Computing Services Cloud integrated with Ms Office 365 that turns Rushmore Business School into a Hosted Learning Management Platform with digital books, students support forums and interactive classes.

The Hosted Learning Management Platform integrated with Ms Office 365 presents enormous opportunities for schools, universities and other academic institution to easily disseminate knowledge and student support.

Making the traditional-to-digital shift, however, requires schools to face new challenges, including difficult implementation processes, hefty price tags, and confusion around device, platform, and format compatibility.

“Another crucial factor which enabled the seamless shift was to have the best ever support from our Cloud Service Provider, Mauritius Computing Services - Cloud Team. Starting from consulting till sign off of the project, MCS has accompanied RBS in a professional fashion, for all our teething problems. The transition has been very smooth, and we are very proud to be the first reference using a Virtual Learning and Interactive Platform in a Cloud Hybrid Model in Mauritius” says

Dr Essoo,
Director of RBS.