MSc Occupational Psychology*

Rushmore Business School

The MSc Occupational Psychology course provides a thorough empirical, theoretical and methodological introduction to the field of occupational psychology.

This course appeals to graduates who wish to pursue careers as occupational psychologists, human resource professionals, training developers and business/management consultants.

The modules include key occupational and business psychology areas including, work and well-being, psychological assessment at work, leadership, engagement and motivation and learning, training and development. This course also involves studying for an empirical project in occupational psychology and is supported by a module on research methods.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, it is expected that graduates will:

Course Structure

| Evidence originality in the application of knowledge pertinent to occupational psychology;

| Indicate how they can deal with complex issues systematically and creatively;

| Critically evaluate literature;

|Critically evaluate research findings and theories in the area of Occupational Psychology;

Successfully complete an independently conducted empirical research study in Occupational Psychology Evidence the skills and qualities for employment that are used in business settings, for instance the demonstration of ethical and legal consideration, critical reflection, and personal responsibility.

Course Structure
1 Psychological Assessment at Work
2 Research Methods in the Workplace
3 Work and Well-Being
4 Applying Psychology to Work and Organisations
5 Leadership Engagement and Motivation
6 Work Design, Change and Development
7 Learning Training and Development
8 Project Planning and ethics
9 Dissertation in Occupational Psychology

Entrance Requirements

  1. A Degree in a related field;
  2. A relevant professional qualification of equivalent standard or Equivalent.

Awarding Body

Coventry University (UK)


2 Years


Part Time

* | TEC Approved